September 2023

National Staffing Week

National Staffing Employee Week celebrates the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing agencies each week. During this special week, Spectra360 turns the spotlight on our greatest asset: our recruiters, our sales team, our temporary and contract employees.

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Our Featured Employees

Each month, our recruiters nominate employees that have blown away our employees. The Talent of The Month award is given to the employee that best demonstrates our core values: PASSION, TEAMWORK, ADAPTABILITY, EFFICIENCY & INTEGRITY. 

Scroll through to meet the teammates that won the Talent of the Month awards for 2022.

David Garcia

David was selected as January’s Talent Of The Month! He was nominated by our recruiter Wendy.

“You have been a dedicated employee with Spectra360 since 2019, and your hard work is paying off! You have taken on different tasks at work and have been diligently helping out the team. We know that you will soon be officially transitioning as a permanent employee with our client, and we are very excited for you, but we will miss working with you.”

David Thomas

David, was chosen in February by his recruiter Shanna because he clearly demonstrates the core value: TEAMWORK.

“Shanna has enjoyed working with you for the past five months. Your reliability makes working with you so easy. You are true to your word, you go above and beyond in order for your team to complete every task, and your positivity motivates those around you.”

Jose C

Jose was chosen by our recruiter Victor for his efficiency. He was the March 2023 Talent of the Month.

“Not only has your manager recognized your hard work, but we see it too! You are reliable, hard-working, and efficient. You have all the qualities we look for in an employee, and we are so grateful to have you on our team.”


 Humberto was chosen in April, 2023 by our recruiter Teresa because he clearly demonstrates  EFFICIENCY 

“Since you’ve been at the job site, your hard work has earned Teresa several compliments from our client. We are also incredibly grateful for your perfect attendance! Your commitment to work and reliability doesn’t go unnoticed.

Gustavo G

Gustavo was chosen by our recruiter Wendy because he exhibits PASSION and perseverance! 

“Connecting with you through a referral was a stroke of luck for us! Ever since that day, you have been patient and loyal. Over the past three months, you’ve worked hard and proven yourself as a great employee for us and for our client.”

“We’re so happy that you are becoming a permanent employee. Thank you for everything you are doing to make Spectra360 the best!”

Jesse Ray

Jesse was nominated for this award by Catalina and his onsite hiring manager.

Catalina has enjoyed working with Jesse and was very happy to hear this glowing review from his hiring manager:

“Jesse makes a point to be early to work. Even at the early hour, he is cheerful, pleasant and ready to take on the challenges of the day. He is very conscientious about his work, and he is a quick study. He follows instructions and is quick to learn from ,and correct, any mistakes. Jesse is friendly and gets along well with the other crew members.”


Leighton received this award because of his adaptability. When he interviewed with our recruiter Emily we were considering one position, but when that fell through, Leighton was patient and understanding. The “temp” position we then found for him was supposed to be only one month. Our client has enjoyed having him on staff so much that the position is still going, several months later!

“You are a wonderful employee – hard-working and reliable – and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to being a part of your career for the long term.”







We want to hear from our amazing employees! If you have been on an assignment for Spectra360, how was the experience? Leave a review for your recruiter and let us know!


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“I was hired through Spectra360 at my current employment. My recruiter, Victor, has been nothing short of outstanding. This is my first time working through an agency and Victor made it very easy and smooth for me to get a good start at my job.”

Connor C.

I am really satisfied with the professionalism and quick response from my recruiter. She helped me land a job that I am happy with that fit well with my work experience. In the middle of the pandemic! Such a great agency to work with.”

Janet C.

Always very helpful. I have never had an agency treat me with the respect and honesty that she does. I LOVE working here. Oh, and my money is always right. Huge plus. Thanks for all you do Wendy You’re the best!”

Mike S.


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