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Warehouse Companies Need a Recruiting Process for Resilience

January 18, 2023


Resilient Recruiting Practices for the Warehouse

When creating practices for the warehouse, you need a recruiting process that is replicable, manageable, and reliable. That sounds easy enough, right? 

Not really. At Spectra360, we’ve honed our processes over many years and are 100% dedicated to improving it daily. We know that our process is working because it not only attracts quality candidates but it places people in jobs they enjoy, meaning our client’s retention rate is better and they do not need to worry about refilling empty job roles. 

This strategy has been essential for success during the labor crisis when great employees are hard to find. Hiring is time-consuming, and high turnover is expensive, so getting your hires right the first time is vital. 

Here are the hiring tricks we’ve learned throughout the years: 

Make Your Recruiting Process Easy and Simple

The first step in successful recruiting is writing good job descriptions. Here are a few best practices used every day at Spectra360:

  • As your business grows and changes, so will your job descriptions. Your recruiting process needs a job description template that can be adjusted or rewritten each time you hire. 
  • The job description should be simple and easily understood. One reason employees quit is that a job isn’t what they expected; avoid this by listing the responsibilities for potential hires. 
  • Make sure the needed skills and qualifications are listed clearly. This can weed out unqualified candidates, saving you time and money. 

Find a Salary Rate That Is Competitive but Sustainable

The most common reason cited for employees leaving their jobs is that they feel they aren’t being paid enough. Setting a salary is challenging; there needs to be a balance between finding a competitive rate that doesn’t break your company’s budget. 

Utilizing a salary guide specific to your industry and your location(s) can help you decide on salaries and show your employees that what you offer them is competitive. 


Market Your Job Well

One of the best pillars for marketing a job is to meet potential employees where they are. Instead of making candidates work to find you, working to find them brings in more qualified candidates. One of the best ways to do this is by using social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can attract your current community to your job postings. This community knows your company culture, and it’s great for candidates to get a feel for the team before the first interview. 

Asking current employees to share your job listings can also help to reach better candidates. Referrals tend to lead to better candidates and less turnover. At Spectra360, we always lean on our current candidates for referrals, which is just one way we are faster to onboard new employees and keep retention levels higher than ordinary hiring practices. 

Prioritize More Than Skill

When hiring, it can be easy to focus on the most skilled applicant or a candidate with the most experience. While these traits are essential before being hired, you should also consider how a candidate will mesh with the team they are working with. A resilient company is one with cohesion. 

Spectra360 finds talent that will fulfill your company’s professional needs while also choosing the best person to fit with your company’s culture and the culture of their team. 

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