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San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Are Leaders in Hiring

February 8, 2023


San Bernadino & Riverside Counties Are Leaders in Hiring feat

If you weren’t sure, now you can be; San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are some of the best areas in California to be in. With new data emerging, we’re seeing how strong their economies are after the pandemic. 

Hot Job Market

Across all sectors, these counties have proven to be some of the best in job recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic. Between February 2020 and October 2022, the labor force in the area rose by 75,800 or 3.6%. In contrast, California’s labor force as a whole declined -1.3%. 

San Bernardino and Riverside County have added 100,300 jobs to their economies since December 2019, more than most states. Only Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, and Utah had more hires than the Inland Empire. 

Thriving Transportation and Warehousing Industry

If you know the Inland Empire, you know shipping is their bread and butter. It’s estimated that 40% of U.S. imports and 25% of the nation’s exports pass through Southern California’s ports. Since 2019, the region’s transportation and warehouse staffing were up 68,600 – or 42%. These industries are thriving in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, and Covid showed no signs of slowing them down. 

Starting 2022 Strong

While 2022 pales in comparison to the economic growth of 2021, we still see notable improvements despite a national economic downturn. In San Bernardino and Riverside counties, 2022 saw 491,300 new workers. 2022 also saw unemployment hit pre-pandemic levels, at 3.8% in December. 

Why Choose San Bernardino and Riverside Counties?

Along with this remarkable economic recovery from the pandemic, the Inland Empire is one of the best places to live. Of the places to live in Southern California, the Inland Empire has relatively low prices and a massive job market to break into. If you’re in the transportation and warehousing industry, you will find abundant opportunities in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. 

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