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How To Find a Job on Facebook

February 15, 2022


If you are looking for a job, you have probably checked many of the job boards, but it’s hard to keep up. One place you could stand out (and apply while also checking out your friend’s latest posts!), is Facebook!

It’s 2022! Is Facebook still popular? Yes! 2.8 billion users log on to Facebook at least once each month (datareportal.com) and more than 200 million small businesses continue to use the social platform to reach clients and job seekers – like you!

Here is how to find a job on Facebook.

Create a resume.

Facebook has a resume feature that lists your latest jobs, but here’s the thing: it’s terrible!

We see hundreds of resumes from Facebook on a weekly basis. The resumes that are made by Facebook are a very simple list with contact information. The personal resume includes

  • A list of jobs along with what you actually did at that job,
  • An education and certification section
  • A contact section
  • A references section (why not add it to your resume if you already know it’s going to be requested?)

Make Sure Your Email Address is Safe For Work

Your email address should not tell anything about you or include any dates. Sign up for a free Gmail to get a more professional address and then change your address on Facebook to use this email for applying.

Don’t forget to check your emails daily!

Start Searching

Go to https://www.facebook.com/jobs/ and narrow down your search by location first. Now, start looking for the job of your dreams! With your new resume already created, you should be able to apply for 5-10 jobs each day.

Each job will have an application underneath the resume upload section that consists of just a few questions. After that, you hit the privacy policy and hit submit.

You’re done!

Follow Up!

Once you have applied, why not double down?

Visit the hiring company’s website and find their job board. Apply here as well to make sure your resume gets to the top of the pile.

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