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The Latest in Trucking Regulation

December 13, 2022


Latest Trucking Restriction (1)

The trucking regulation list is everchanging and may be tossed up even more soon. Here are the proposed trucking regulations that could be on the horizon for truckers and trucking companies. 

Trucking Regulation #1: Electronic Identifiers

On September 23, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) floated the idea of unique electronic identifiers on large trucks as a part of an advanced notice of the rule-making. 

FMCSA said the identifiers would be able to communicate with federal or state motor carrier safety personnel so law enforcement could focus their efforts on high-risk carriers and drivers. A few organizations supported the idea’s potential, including the American Trucking Association, the Truckload Carriers Association, and the National Association of Chemical Distributors. 

This support is met with strong opposition from smaller carriers. Concerns raised about this particular trucking regulation involve: 

  • Cost to carriers and law enforcement may outweigh the benefits and efficiencies
  • Cybersecurity and safety concerns
  • Privacy concerns
  • Lack of data to support that this would be a helpful measure

Trucking Regulation #2: Help for the Switch to EVs

While there may be new federal regulations that truckers are fighting against, there is some good news for trucking companies in California. 

Recent proposals for a switch to energy-efficient vehicles in California raised concerns about the cost of a program like this to carriers. Several funding programs have been created to ease this transition, like the state’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project. Federally, the Inflation Reduction Act is expected to increase funding for the switch to EVs in California. There are also several community and county efforts to improve electrification financing. If this carries through, smaller trucking companies could afford the switch, making the regulation better for the environment at little or no, direct cost to the trucking company owners.

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