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Resilient Recruiting Practices for Warehouse Companies

June 9, 2020


As our need for e-commerce grows, so does the world’s need for warehouse recruiting. More and more businesses find themselves having to adjust to today’s current crisis, looking for more employees to recruit in order to help with the efficiency of daily operations. 


The ultimate goal of a resilient company is to last through this pandemic, or the economic downturn that follows. 


Employees will be required to pivot from their regular tasks to help others, pick up slack and taking on whatever necessary to keep production moving. This is why getting your warehouse recruiting process right is more important than ever. Hiring takes times and turnover is expensive, so resilient companies need to get it right the first time.  Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to your warehouse recruiting process:


How have the needs of your clients or the roles needed in your warehouse shifted in light of COVID? As your business pivots, so do the skillsets and talents needed in your workforce. Be sure to write job descriptions with these changes in mind.

When writing your job description you must be as specific as possible. Making sure your needs are clearly stated is extremely important. Without a detailed job description, you risk having to come back later to find another candidate who better fits what you were originally looking for.

Having a job description that lists the specific skills and talents the ideal candidate needs, will ultimately save you a lot of your time and money in the long run. Fortunately, Spectra360 has experts ready to write personalized job descriptions for each individual client so that we can guarantee the right fit every time.


With historic levels of unemployment and layoffs, many top talented people may be looking for a change in their career path. Or at the very least, considering their options. As you start your recruiting process, you want to find the right strategies to attract the very best.

Having a competitive yet sustainable starting rate to offer your employees can set you apart from your competitors. Research shows the main reason people leave jobs is because of pay, so offering a rate that’s in the top quartile will not only help with your retention rate, but it can also help with workplace morale.

Spectra360 maintains salary guides for all warehouse employees, including those in transportation, food production, and pharm/neutraceuticals. If you’d like this information, please click this link to place your request:

Salary Guide


Use social media as a way to connect with potential employees. Businesses are utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with their customers and share their company culture, which is a great way to attract a team member who would be a good fit.

Of the hundreds of resumes that we receive each week for warehouse employees and drivers, about 70% come from social media sharing. Reaching out to your current network by posting a job position may provide a greater candidate pool. And it also allows potential hires to get a feel for what it would be like to work with your team.

Regardless of what platform your business is on, you can use these channels to promote company news and job opportunities for potential hires. Or, share employee testimonials with your audience so that they can get a feel of what it’s like to work there.


Use the specific needs of your team to guide your warehouse recruiting process, from both a workflow and a company culture standpoint.

You’re probably looking into recruiting because you are short-staffed or in need of adjusting to an influx in work. Consider the talents and niche skillsets of your current team. What is needed to increase productivity and ensure quality service to your clients? What are the missing pieces to your process, and what skillsets could take it to the next level? Be sure to involve the team leaders in your recruiting process.

But it’s not enough to just think about skillsets and experience. We usually work closely with team leaders to ensure we are getting the right fit when it comes to skills, but also the right culture fit for the team. A resilient team needs to be cohesive. At Spectra360, it is our mission to ensure the people you hire will mesh well with your current team, saving you time, money, and efficiency in the long run. From our massive database of resumes, we invest our time looking for the perfect candidate that will help your business thrive without any hiccups. Having a distinct workplace culture can help retain current employees and attract recruitments in the future. These unique attributes should be based on the needs of your community.

At Spectra360 we are here to help you find the right talent, we’ll save you the time and money that should be spent on your business. Contact the experts at Spectra360 to see how we can help accelerate your business’s growth today.

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