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Offering Flexible Warehouse Hours

January 4, 2022


LinkedIn released an updated study and found that the top three things Americans value most in their career are work-life balance (34%), compensation (32%), and benefits (26%). This study shows that even employers who don’t have the ability to increase salaries can attract more warehouse job seekers by offering flexible work schedules.

Now more than ever, job seekers care about having a work-life balance and prioritizing their mental health outside of work. So, what are you doing to show potential job candidates that you care about their work-life balance too?

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At Spectra360, we help our clients in the logistics industry hire reliable staff to join their warehouse teams. We understand the struggles hiring managers face and would like to offer suggestions you can add to attract the best warehouse job seekers available. Keep reading to learn about flexible work options you should start thinking about offering.

Compressed Work Week

Employees who choose a compressed workweek work more hours per day to receive an additional day off. For example, instead of working five eight-hour days, employees may work four ten-hour days.

Shift Work

A typical work model in 24-hour warehouse operations, shift work allows employees to work outside of traditional 9-to-5 hours by choosing morning, evening, or overnight shifts.

Split Shifts

In this flexible solution, warehouse workers split their time across two shifts. For instance, they may work the beginning of the 1st shift and come back later and work part of the 2nd shift.


This arrangement accommodates workers who are not available to work full-time hours or employers with positions that don’t require 40 hours per week.

(Source: Faire Labor)

As our labor market evolves, your hiring model should do the same. Connect with a Spectra360 hiring expert to learn how we can help your company attract and retain the best warehouse talent fast. To get started, schedule a free consultation.

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