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Meet Lynnette Falls

September 11, 2021


Lynnette Falls has worked in the staffing industry for nearly ten years and recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary with Spectra360. In this interview, we dive deeper into the benefits of hiring a temp employee vs. a full-time employee. Keep on reading to get her take on why you should consider hiring temp employees in this labor market.

Questions and Answers

Why do you think it is important to recognize temp employees?

Answer: I feel that it is important to recognize temp employees – actually any employee, in general – because statistics have shown that when employees feel appreciated it creates a better work environment. Employees tend to work harder for their employees when they feel appreciated, it makes them feel good about the work that they’re doing.

In your opinion, what is the best way to recognize temp employees?

Answer: I think the best way to recognize a temp employee is to be specific on the things that they’re doing well. You can recognize them publicly but adding a personal touch makes a big difference to them.

What is a major benefit of hiring a temp vs. full-time employee?

Answer: There’s usually a settling period when you start a new job. For employers, it really gives them a good opportunity to see if that particular position and company is going to be a good fit for the new hire.

What made you want to become a recruiter?

Answer: One of the major things that wanted me to become a recruiter is how rewarding it is to help others to connect to new opportunities. Whether they’re looking for a career change, whether they’ve been unemployed for a while, or even if they’re a stay-at-home mom and they’re looking to reenter the workforce. It’s really rewarding to get that feedback that you really helped make an impact in their life.

Takeaway #1: Give recognition when recognition is due! Be sure to make it personal and let your employee know why you’re recognizing them in the first place.

Takeaway #2: Hiring a temp employee gives employers the chance to see whether or not they want to offer the employee a full-time job at the end of their contract, without any strings attached.

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