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I’m a warehouse associate. What’s the next step on my career ladder?

December 7, 2021


Now that you have your foot in the door with general warehouse duties, you’re probably thinking about climbing your career ladder. This blog talks about what you can do to climb your career ladder as an entry-level warehouse associate. 

Like in any industry, a promotion requires you to show knowledge in your current role, so it would be ideal to continue to grow your skills as a warehouse associate. While it is great that you want to climb the career ladder, don’t forget to take care of the basics at your current job, such as showing up on time. These basic things are looked at by management when considering a promotion for an employee.

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Think about what type of next steps you see yourself doing. Team leader, shift leader, facility supervisor, general manager, etc. These jobs will come with more responsibility and, most likely, higher pay. It would be helpful to write down your career goals for one to ten years down the line. Having a vision of your career path is always something you can look back on to make sure you’re on track.

Look at the role you see yourself in and compare your current knowledge and skills with that position’s job description. Do you think you have the qualifications and experience it takes to be promoted?

Don’t be afraid to speak to your manager and ask for their advice. Communicate your career goals so that it’s on their mind; that way, when a position opens up, they think of you. Consider asking them to evaluate your current skill set to know what things you can work on to land the promotion.

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