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How to entice employees that live paycheck to paycheck

July 26, 2021


A recent study conducted by Highland Solutions showed that 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 53% of that number said that they were not living paycheck to paycheck before the pandemic. Why does this matter? With unemployment benefits returning to normal, now is the time to attract the best talent to your job vacancies. Many Americans are actively looking for a new career, and it’s up to you to make them want to apply to your jobs.

Take a look at your current hiring strategy. Have you changed or upgraded the way you hire? If you offer talent the same incentives as pre-pandemic, it may be time to revamp your hiring strategy. In this blog, we’ll explore three different things to consider to help attract the best talent currently living paycheck to paycheck.

Show Talent the Safety Measures in Place

A U.S Census survey found that nearly 4.2 million adults choose not to work because they fear getting or spreading the coronavirus. To show potential talent how your company is handling safety protocols, it could be beneficial to make a video.

This video could include a walkthrough of your warehouse and other common areas showing them first-hand what they can expect if hired to work at your company. It would be wise to include current employees working in a similar position speaking on the safety measures you guys are taking. A short video addressing the fears many applicants have about possibly contracting or spreading coronavirus can benefit your hiring strategy.

Offering Child Care to Families Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Nearly a year later, and parents are still struggling to find safe and affordable child care. There are very few jobs in the logistics industry that can be done from the comfort of your own home. For families that live paycheck to paycheck, the costs of child care can be completely out of question. Almost all logistics jobs require their employees to be working from their warehouse or on the road. What does your logistics company have in place to help parents get back to work? Do you offer on-site child care? Are you reimbursing parents for child care? You can attract the best talent available by offering some sort of child care solution that would make your talent’s decision to get back to work easier.

Flexible Work Hours

We’ve heard the phrase flexible work hours, but what does it mean? When you offer flexible work hours to your employees, they can choose when they work, and you’re able to create a schedule that best works for them. As parents go back to work, their children will be returning to in-person classes. Offering flexible work hours to working parents will give them peace of mind knowing that they’ll be able to be home to take care of their children when they get back from school. Working around the schedules may add some work on the employer end, but allowing flexible work hours can help increase the amount of talent that applies for your jobs!

A large portion of the United States live their lives paycheck to paycheck, and as the unemployment benefits go back to normal, they will be looking for jobs to help compensate for the loss. Stand out from your competitors and consider incorporating one of the three things mentioned above to help attract new talent to your open jobs. If you’re interested in getting help from a Spectra360 hiring expert, connect with us today! To get started, schedule your free consultation.

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