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5 Things To Do On The First Day of Your New Job

April 13, 2021


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Congratulations! You have accepted the job offer from a new company and you’ll be working in their warehouse! Kudos to you for being proactive about your new role and finding yourself here. BUT, landing the job is only half the battle. Read the five tips listed below so you can feel confident on the first day of your new job while leaving a good impression with your new co-workers and leadership.

Be on time.

If you’re not familiar with the area, go the extra mile and practice the commute before your first day. You might find that there are peak driving times or even a shortcut! We would suggest arriving 15 minutes early but waiting to enter the building until the time your manager told you to come to avoid awkward encounters.

Dress the part.

Working in a warehouse you can expect to be doing a lot of standing and walking. To avoid injury, you should invest in comfortable working boots/shoes. Ask your new team and manager if they have any suggestions! It is an excellent way for you to connect with them.

Ask questions—lots of them.

Don’t be shy! Your team and manager will be expecting you to ask questions on your first day to avoid any confusion later on. Listen to their answers and take your mental notes. Ultimately, your questions will help you adapt to your new role quicker.

Show interest in people.

Your manager will be introducing you to many people, so try your best to remember their first name and ask them a little about themselves; for example, you could ask about their role and if they have any advice for you! Your new co-workers will appreciate your efforts you made to make a connection with them.

Be yourself.

Relax! It’s your first day, and it’s going to be a day filled with introductions and training. Your manager won’t expect you to know ALL the different warehouse protocols, so try not to beat yourself up. If you feel yourself getting nervous, adjust and project good energy!

Along with these five tips for the first day of your new job, remember to pack any documentation they ask you to bring to get you officially onboarded with the company! 

Enjoy your first day and have confidence knowing that they wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t believe in your ability to do great things in the company.

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