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Everything We Know About the Labor Shortage [November 2021 Update]

November 30, 2021


In early October, media showed dozens of cargo and container ships docked on the Port of Los Angeles waiting for the handling and processing of their ships’ cargo. The images were like something out of a movie, and since then it has forecasted serious shortages for retailers around the world. Reports show that consumers have started holiday shopping earlier because they are worried about whether they’ll get their presents on time which is affecting the stock of small and big retailers across the country.

Many hiring managers hoped that the pandemic aid shutdown would get people back to work but unfortunately there hasn’t been much change. A record number of Americans quit their jobs in September as the so-called Great Resignation picked up speed. More than 4.4 million workers resigned, according to the Labor Department. UC Berkeley professor of public policy and former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich tweeted that workers across the country are demanding higher pay, better employment conditions, and critical support in their daily lives and until then, they won’t be returning to work anytime soon.

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in October 2021 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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