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A Guide to Alleviating Stress for Warehouse Managers

February 15, 2021


Working as a manager can be stressful. Companies depend upon managers to make effective use of human resources, while staff members look to managers for career guidance. With many different roles to play and with individuals and organizations depending upon them, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, workplace stress can actually impede productivity – not to mention potentially being harmful to a manager’s health.

Managers need to find ways to try to reduce or eliminate the stress that is a natural byproduct of their professions. Some tips to help include:

Taking time to indulge and enjoy the rewards of hard work.

Managers should take a periodic vacation and should take personal days once and a while to rest and recharge. Working too hard for too long can increase stress levels and lead to burnout. Massage therapy or other relaxing activities can help to rejuvenate and reduce stress so managers will return to work calmer and better able to handle what lies ahead.

Asking for help when needed.

Managers who are feeling overwhelmed need the opportunity to ask for help from those in a position to provide assistance.  If a manager has the ability to ask for help, the request should be made before burnout occurs. Whether a manager goes to a coworker or to a superior, speaking up about what he needs to be a successful leader can be better for everyone involved- including employees and the company. 


Managers will drive themselves crazy if they try to micromanage or do everything on their own. Effective delegation is key to being successful and reducing the stress of serving as a leader.

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Writing things down.

Making notes and keeping track of everything in writing can make it easier to accomplish goals. Trying to remember everything without writing it down can result in balls being dropped, which can increase pressure and stress. 

These are just a few key options managers need to consider to try to keep stress levels down. One of the single best things that a manager can do in order to stay calm and not stressed is to have a great staff. Spectra Staffing can help managers to find workers who are good team players, who have solid work ethic, and who will be a valuable addition to any team. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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