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3 Tips For Hiring Seasonal Staff [Warehouse Edition]

October 6, 2021


3 tips for hiring seasonal staff warehouse edition

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means your warehouse teams are going to be busy! To prepare for this peak season, your competitors hire seasonal staff. In this blog, we will cover three tips to help you hire reliable seasonal staff

Make sure job postings are accurate

To avoid confusion, make sure your job vacancy is clear on the fact that you’re hiring seasonal staff. Try to include the exact time frame you plan on keeping them on your warehouse team for. This will help bring in applicants who are specifically looking for seasonal roles because of a multitude of reasons. They may be strapped for cash and looking for a good opportunity to make extra income or they’re in school. Regardless, making it clear in the job description that you’re looking for seasonal staff will help weed out any duds. To list your job vacancy on our job board, click here!

Don’t overlook a candidate’s potential 

Your first instinct may be to look for a candidate who is experienced and has every qualification that you feel would be an ideal skill for someone in the open position. Unfortunately, by restricting your search only to proven candidates with a long track record in the industry, you could be missing out on hiring bright young talent with lots of potential! 

When hiring seasonal staff, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not obligated to keep them past the time frame in their contract. To learn more about hiring for potential, click here.

Hiring seasonal staff full-time

Hiring seasonal staff is a great way for you to have new hires test the waters and see whether or not you could see them working on your full-time warehouse team. When hiring seasonal staff, keep an eye out for standouts that you could either ask to come back next season or better yet if they would like to join the team with a full-time position!

For hiring managers, this is especially important because you’re able to go into the next peak hiring season with people already in your pipeline to contact and ask to come back the following season!

Interested in learning how Spectra360 can help you hire seasonal staff? We’re ready to help! Stay prepared this holiday season with your dream warehouse team provided by Spectra360. To get started, request a quote: www.spectra360.com/quote

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