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The Culture Makes The Company

January 21, 2021


the culture makes the company

Did you know that January 24th marks National Compliment Day? 

One compliment can brighten a day. Some management styles revolve entirely around complimenting workers for their achievements. However, only 40% of women and 63% of men accept compliments given to them, even in the workplace. That means compliments can only be a small portion of shaping a positive culture for a company. 

So, what other methods can you use to promote a positive culture in your company? The most obvious component of a healthy workplace culture is also the one most overlooked: the people.

What is a Workplace Culture?

Think of a company as a body and the workers as the body’s cells. To run smoothly, a body and its cells must be in sync with each other. Similarly, a company must be in sync with its employees in order to run well. The most straightforward way to follow this is through a company’s mission statement and policies. If the workers are in alignment with the company’s goals and procedures, you’ll have a pretty good work culture.

Why Should You Care About The Workplace Culture?

The way a company treats its employees dramatically affects the company’s culture. Employees who feel seen and heard in the workplace are usually happier. Happier employees are more productive. Unhappy employees lead to high turnover and expensive hiring costs. 

That means your company must provide clear and consistent communication, whether through email, chat programs, or good old-fashioned talking it out. Furthermore, clear goals help both the company receive valuable workers. The employee also determines if the company’s ideals line up with their own.

In the spirit of National Compliment Day, recognizing your team’s accomplishments is a crucial component of a healthy workplace culture. Acknowledging your employees’ talents helps boost morale. Also, compliments allow for employees to push themselves further and spread the recognition amongst themselves. Employees who feel valued by both the company and other co-workers have all the more reasons to stay.

At Spectra360, we turn Compliment Day into a company-wide opportunity. We set up a landing page that let’s each employee send a compliment to a coworker. It’s a small opportunity that goes along way in bringing our team together, regardless of physical location. 

Beyond the Company

Achieving a healthy work culture has a domino effect. Once you align your goals with your employees and treat them well, word of mouth spreads. Whether through websites like Glassdoor or other social media, employees have avenues more than ever to rate and critique a company’s workplace culture. 

Before an employee has one foot through the door, the company’s culture is on their mind. Even if the pay is great, it’s hard to keep someone if a company’s goals do not meet with their own. If you have a healthy culture, applicants will fly in. With a clear and precise mission statement, you should be able to find the best employees for the job. And if all of the employees follow the same goals, it will strengthen your team’s collaboration.

What You Can Accomplish Together!

In June 2018, our company did something miraculous! 

Many Spectra360 employees volunteered for Operation Gratitude, a program to send care packages, letters, stuffed bears, and more to United States service members, their families, first responders, and veterans. Not only did we support people who helped us on the frontlines, but we also had fun doing it. Working together on such a scale allowed us to collaborate positively and beneficially. However, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we were then or where we are now without our company’s culture.

When you compliment someone, you recognize their struggles, triumphs, and dedication. Though many people might playoff or reject a compliment, the act still promotes a healthy work environment and culture. When Spectra360 shared quality time during the Operation Gratitude event, we further established our company culture. Co-workers from other departments came together to work for a common goal. Though we helped the frontline heroes in our country, Spectra360 grew a healthier heart in the process.

As a company that dedicates itself to staffing the right employees, culture is one of our top priorities. Our contribution to Operation Gratitude not only fulfilled the company’s own goals but allowed our employees to work together for a (fun) shared goal. And that’s what you need; a symbiosis between the company and employees to create a positive work culture.

So, in honor of National Compliment Day, be a positive beacon in your work life and social life. 

Compliment your co-worker! 
Compliment your friend, family members, and anyone in between! 
Compliment a stranger! 

Spreading positive vibes is beneficial to all cultures, workplaces, or otherwise. And if that kind of culture sounds like a place where you would want to work, you should apply with Spectra360! 

Join our team of like-minded employees who look out for the coworkers!

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