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December 8, 2020


One of the biggest struggles of graduates, millennials (and others entering the job market) is a perceived lack of jobs.

These talented potential employees have all of the education, but none of the experience. And that creates the classic job search paradox: You need the experience to get the job, but you need the job to get the experience. It’s incredibly frustrating!

Because of this, many are looking to temporary jobs rather than hold out for a full-time position. These temp jobs involve being signed on with a recruiting firm or talent management agency, like Spectra360, who find people work with companies looking to bolster their workforce temporarily. But is this really a good idea? Might it be a better use of your time to invest all of your energy into finding a full-time job? Well, there are a lot of positive reasons to work temp jobs that you may not have considered. Let’s explore…

Why Take a temp job?

To Get Experience

Temporary jobs can be the solution to that job search paradox we were talking about above.

Working temp jobs in your field will give you the real hands-on experience that you lacked coming out of school. Having this experience makes you a much more interesting and exciting prospect for companies looking to hire full-time. Through temp work, you can gain skills, and sometimes even qualifications, that would cost you hundreds of dollars to get by yourself.

Another reason why temp jobs can be useful for a job seeker is that they fill employment gaps in your resume. Trying to land a full-time position becomes harder and harder when you have a year-long gap between jobs. It invites questions from interviews like, “What were you doing during that year?” and “Is there a reason you weren’t working?” Temp jobs allow you to get around the gap problem, demonstrating to employers that you weren’t just sitting around waiting for a job to fall into your lap. Instead, you were actively out there, building up skills and abilities to make yourself an attractive hire for any company.

To Get In With The Industry’s Best Companies

Some of the companies Spectra360 works with are the biggest and best in the nation. They often need to hire temporary employees, but they don’t do it themselves. They use talent management agencies because it’s easier (plus, more effective and cheaper) than doing it themselves. So, temp employees working with Spectra360 have a better chance of getting a job with big, well-known brands than applying directly for a full-time job.

To Test Out Different Jobs & Companies

Temp work also gives you time to experience many different workplaces. There are few things worse than landing the “job of your dreams,” only to discover that you can’t thrive in that sort of a work environment and culture. By doing temp work, you will be exposed to a variety of different kinds of workplace cultures. It can help you narrow your parameters of what kind of a job and career you ultimately want.

You Could get Hired By Your Temp Employer

There is also the possibility of temp-to-hire.

Once a company has worked with a temp employee, they can become an attractive pick for a full-time hire. After all, through their temp position, they got to know the workplace, built relationships with other team members, and invested time towards the success of the company. In other words, they already have many of the qualifications that companies are looking for in full-time hires.

At Spectra360, 96% of our talent ends up being hired on a permanent basis. We don’t just send over whoever was sitting in our office that day! We invest time searching for the best possible workers who will match a company’s needs. This often leads to a perfect fit between company and employee, leading to many full-time job opportunities.

To Keep Your Self-Esteem High

Being unemployed can wreak havoc on a person’s mental health.

So much of our self-esteem is tied up in what we do for a living. When we are unemployed, it’s much more challenging to find the motivation to improve things in our lives. Searching for a job is exhausting, taking up tons of time and energy, often with few positive returns.

Spectra360 can help by setting you up with rewarding and stimulating temp work that not only brings in a paycheck but also provides some direction in your full-time job hunt. Going to work every day will create momentum that keeps you in the game! In other words, temp work can be fantastic for your overall mental health and professional drive.

Of course, temp work is only one of the types of employment that we offer here at Spectra360. Contract work is often called temp work, where we place employees with companies who are looking for short-term employment for specific projects. We also help companies find direct hires for their growing organizations, interviewing people and integrating them without hiccups. The point is that, if you’re looking for a full-time position in this fierce job marketing, then Spectra360 is your gateway to employment.

Check out our open jobs right now so we can get started matching you up with a company who will benefit from your skills and abilities!

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