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Quality Vs. Quantity: Why Both Must Be a Part of Your Hiring Strategy in 2021

December 9, 2020


Starting on your 2021 Hiring Strategy? With a vaccine for COVID-19 being announced in the last month, it’s likely that global lockdown restrictions will be reduced, and companies will see an increase in workload. If you’ll need to hire more staff, Spectra360 is here to help you. Below is our guide for striking the right balance between quantity and quality in your hiring processes over the next year.

When your company is hiring, it is important that the right people apply for open positions. This means you need to develop a strategy for attracting potential applicants. Your company has a choice to make when it comes to the development of a 2021 hiring strategy: 

  • Do you focus on the quantity of applicants and try to get the largest applicant pool possible or
  • Do you focus more on quality even if that means fewer candidates apply to the job?

For most companies, the best option is a blend of both. You want to get enough applicants that you have a big pool of candidates to select from, but you also want to make sure that the candidates who apply for the job are viable candidates who you could perhaps bring on board.  You also want to use the right approach to achieve your target.

Short and simple applications maximize quantity over quality

The easier it is for people to apply to the position you have open, the more likely it is that tons of people will apply even if they aren’t really an ideal fit. Job seekers may figure they have nothing to lose and may as well toss their name in the pile if they only have to click a few buttons to do it.

Recruitment advertising platforms also maximize quantity

The internet has made it easier than ever for people to apply to jobs since they can just hit a few buttons on the computer and submit their resume and information to hundreds of potential employers. While recruiting platforms allow you to reach a big audience, you may get candidates who aren’t qualified and who are just browsing the Internet and testing out their luck with any openings.

Requiring job seekers to apply on your career site prioritizes quality 

Candidates would need to know about your company, or find you through their research into your industry, to apply through your site. You can include more detailed job descriptions and information about the position, so candidates will be better informed and more capable of determining if they would be a good fit for the positions they are applying for.

Let Spectra360 handle your 2021 hiring strategy

If you want to benefit from both quality and quantity in your hiring process, you should consider working with a staffing service to aid your 2021 hiring strategy. Spectra360 has a vast pool of qualified job seekers who have turned to our recruiting firm to help them find jobs. We can screen this vast pool of candidates for your company and help you to find the right candidates. Contact us today to find out more!

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