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Need New Employees Fast? Here’s How to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

November 24, 2020


Let’s be honest. The hiring process can be long, slow and expensive. Chances are, if you need employees fast, you’ll want to speed up your hiring process.

If you’ve been through it before, you know the barriers to getting qualified candidates in the door. In today’s candidate market, it’s more important than ever to fill your positions promptly. So, if you are looking to speed up the hiring process while still bringing in highly qualified professionals, you’re going to need the Spectra360 expertise. Here are our top four tips:

Recruit Smart, Not Hard

Rather than canvassing en masse to try to appeal to every job applicant, try a more focused approach. Know your hiring market. Millennials and Gen Xers, for example, desire flexibility. Research in the UK found that 70% of millennials would be more likely to consider a job with a flexible working option, compared to less than half (47%) of over 55’s. The message is clear, know your target applicant.

People want to work for a company with good values, a company that can create a supportive and diverse culture within the organization. Instead of posting a job listing that advertises your demands, try enticing candidates by sharing the perks the organization can offer. Play up the benefits of working with your company rather than creating a laundry list of your needs. You may quickly see a different type of candidate emerge.

Change Your Methods

Think about where you currently post jobs – maybe Monster and Indeed? To attract new talent, move your methods to where fresh candidates live. Our website gets thousands of job seekers each week. Why not post your job on our site for free? Follow this link to post a job now: https://www.spectra360.com/list-your-job-vacancy/

Post dynamic photos and videos to the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Marketing campaigns on social media are often cheaper and result in more hiring options. You should also consider hiring events to pool resources or start an employee referral program that rewards workers that bring in new hires.

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ABH: Always Be Hiring

This principle is a hallmark of any industry that has frequent changes or deals with high turnover rates. To avoid being short-staffed, make it a policy to take resumes whenever they come to save time and money when you really need a new employee on site. Even if you don’t need to recruit, passively collecting resumes and applications will keep you prepared for when you need to hire in a hurry.

Spectra360 is a staffing firm with dozens of recruiters sourcing and vetting candidates all day, every day. Make your hiring process easier by listing your job with us: https://www.spectra360.com/list-your-job-vacancy/

Tap into Your Seasonal Workforce

This might not be doable for everyone, but if you do have temporary and casual workers, nine times out of ten, they’re your best option to award a permanent contract. What’s slowing down efficiency and progress the most in the week after you hire a new employee? Training. 

Spectra360 takes the time to onboard your new team members and check in frequently to make sure they are happy and effective in their job. 

Client testimonial: “I would like to acknowledge the phenomenal job that Spectra360 have been doing. Communication has been simply amazing. I am a firm believer that if we are to take the time to coach our team members we should also take the time to express our gratitude. Whatever it is that you guys are doing, keep it up. We appreciate the professionalism and outstanding effort that your staff puts in.

Thank you for helping build our branch, and thank you for being an important part of what we do. All the best.”

After you’ve finished using our tools and tips to streamline your hiring process, you’ll realize that you can save lots of time by taking another look at your training system. Training new employees is incredibly important and shouldn’t be forgotten. But making a senior staff member find the time to show the new employee the ropes slows down progress. 

How Spectra360 Can Help

We hope you find these tips useful. If you need qualified candidates fast, you need Spectra360. As a full service staffing agency for the logistics industry, we have dozens of candidates with multiple skill sets waiting to start immediately. We can also build project teams to work as an extension of your business without the additional headache of onboarding, retention, or potential offboarding.

To access our candidate pool and learn more about how teaming up with Spectra360 can benefit your business, contact us today.

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