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The Competition for Talent is on – Here’s What it Will Take to Win

August 16, 2021


The Competition for Talent is on - Here's What it Will Take to Win

The labor shortage is here, but it is not here to stay. The competition for talent is real, and your competitors are already trying to hire the best talent available. Here is what you need to know to win the competition for talent in the warehouse, transportation, and light industrial industry!


Pandemic Aid Shutoffs Leading to Competition for Talent

By September 6, 2021, states will have unemployment benefits go back to normal, leaving millions of Americans without a liveable source of income. This will force many people to go back to work. How are you going to stand out from your competitors? What type of employee benefits does your company offer to your employees? Some incentives you could consider offering to potential employees are child care, flexible work hours, and even sign on bonuses!

Ultimately, making any changes to your employee incentives is up to you, but it may be something you want to consider if you’re going to win the competition for talent. During the height of the pandemic, warehouse and supply chain teams reported feeling overworked and unsupported. Don’t let this happen to your employees, and be proactive about hiring talent to fill the gaps on your logistics team.


Staying Proactive Amidst the News About Delta Variant

The news of the Delta Variant feels all too familiar to where we were sitting last year at the beginning of March 2020. It feels like a ticking time bomb on whether or not there will be another stay-at-home order. We recommend hiring your best talent now to prevent any impact a stay-at-home order may have on keeping up with your customer demand in the future.

During the outbreak’s height, our clients in the food production industry trusted us to find them reliable talent fast. Our hiring experts were able to match them with great candidates to help them get back on track to getting their products in the hands of their customers. To read more about how they won the competition for talent, click here.

At Spectra360, our highly trained teams have experience pivoting at a moment’s notice. If you are looking for help with your hiring strategy and find reliable talent, we can help!

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