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Introducing Our Latest Case Study

August 9, 2023


Introducing Our Latest Case Study

In the ever-evolving landscape of food production, optimizing efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards is the ultimate goal. One industry that thrives on precision, consistency, and taste is coffee. Imagine the standards of a company that promises to take coffee to an entirely different level! Our syrup company client chose Spectra360 to hire the needed staff. Our mutual journey in this case study showcases the remarkable results of partnering with a staffing agency invested in the team’s success.

A Quest for Excellence

Imagine a company that pours its heart and soul into crafting the most exquisite syrups. They carefully balance flavors and textures to create an unforgettable experience. This is the story of our featured syrup manufacturer, one of the biggest in California. During Covid, as the demand for their products grew rapidly, they confronted the monumental challenge of scaling up their production while preserving their artisanal essence.

Our Process

This case study delves into the pivotal decision this coffee syrup company made – forging a partnership with a specialized staffing agency, Spectra360, that understood the nuances of the food industry. Our strategic approach to every interaction with our clients is the reason for the success we bring. From being continually informed of the need for a position to be filled to finding and interviewing the ideal employees, we aimed to ensure a smooth and efficient client experience. 

Results and Achievements

The success of Spectra360’s staffing method resulted in a three-year partnership. One of the biggest successes of that partnership was a job fair to meet a significant need for the company. Spectra360 organized 15 interviews, and they hired seven candidates, achieving an unprecedented ratio.

Read more about the process and results of Spectra360’s hiring and get an insight into how we can make a difference in your company in our latest case study. 

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