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California Manufacturing Facts & Statistics

October 5, 2022


Manufacturing Facts & Statistics

Here are the most recent stats and facts you need to know about manufacturing in California

California Is The Largest Manufacturing State In The United States

California has long been one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the country.

California is home to the largest shipping port in the country: Los Angeles. The state has 24,304 manufacturing firms and 1.5 million employees in the industry. San Diego has the most manufacturing jobs in the state; the top sectors are electronics, food processing, and industrial machinery. 

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The Industry Is One Of The Highest-Earning, Both In California & The Nation

One of California’s most impressive feats is its output. California’s manufacturing output earned 324.43 billion dollars in 2020. This follows a steady increase in production since 2011. The industry accounts for 10.36% of the total work in the state. 

Overall, the U.S. manufacturing sector plays a central role in the economy, accounting for 20% of U.S. capital investment, 60% of the nation’s exports, and 70% of business R&D (Industry Select)

Manufacturing Is A Major Source Of Employment

In the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, hiring month-over-month is rising in the industry nationwide. This, combined with the increase in hires in the Californian manufacturing industry, indicates positive worker trends. 

Among the fastest growing sectors of this industry are aerospace products and parts, semiconductors, and motor vehicles. The average annual compensation of industry employees was  $112,381.20 in 2019. 

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