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Why is National Staffing Employee Week Important? 

September 12, 2023


Why is National Staffing Week important(1)

National Staffing Employee Week is an opportunity to celebrate those who can often get overlooked: temporary and contract employees. Although this might be a holiday not often celebrated, there are several reasons why celebrating National Staffing Week can benefit both you and your employees. 

Celebrating Success

Put simply, celebrating success boosts morale. According to the APA, only half of the workforce feels valued by employers. And given that 4% of the workforce is made up of temp employees, celebrating them will improve those numbers. 

Higher morale = happier employees, and everyone benefits from that. Your team – including temps – will look forward to accomplishing projects or solving complex issues, knowing they’ll be recognized for it. Earning a reputation for employee celebration also goes a long way toward attracting and retaining talent in the field.

Team Unity 

When one person wins, we all win, and seeing your team celebrate for any reason is enough to build camaraderie. Celebrating accomplishments done by the temps on your team creates a sense of team unity. It also gives temp employees a chance to bond and learn about their fellow coworkers. Personal connections create scenarios where people work better together. How well do you work with strangers versus someone with whom you’ve celebrated birthdays, holidays, and overall accomplishments? Familiarity within the team is crucial to success. 

Recognition and Appreciation

People want to work for companies that recognize their effort. The more recognition, the harder they will work. Not only is it good for morale, but celebration is good for your bottom line. Success on an individual level trickles down to success on a wider scale. Recognition and appreciation go a long way toward employee morale, but remember, they are two different things. Recognition is usually performance-based and conditional, whereas appreciation is acknowledging someone in general. Make sure you are utilizing both in your workplace. 

How will you Celebrate

Whether it’s something as simple as a verbal acknowledgment, an email to your temps, or something grander, any sense of recognition goes a long way toward employee celebration. More than anything, people want to be heard, appreciated, and valued. 

During National Staffing Week, consider something like a a company lunch, or an email shout-out for your temps. By showing your temporary employees that you appreciate them, you’re creating a positive environment where everyone thrives, and the company succeeds. 

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