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What Does the Delta Variant Mean for the Logistics Industry?

August 3, 2021


What Does the Delta Variant Mean for the Logistics Industry?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logistics industry was one of the hardest-hit industries in 2020. Fast forward to July 2021, and we are hearing government officials warn us about a new strain called the Delta variant. In the World Health Organization’s most recent update to the public, the variant was in 96 countries, and they expect the disease to spread due to the increase in social activity.

Watch the full update from WHO’s Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove: WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19: Delta variant

For hiring managers within the logistics sector, the Delta variant comes as a possible threat to their current hiring strategy for many reasons. The first reason being that many hiring managers were hoping to see an increase in applicants because unemployment will be returning to normal by September 6, 2021.

Will a Delta variant outbreak be the same as COVID?

The Delta variant could cause a shutdown, but the difference is that we have learned skills that will shorten the pivot time needed. At Spectra360, we have experience successfully working with companies during the pandemic and can pivot within a moment’s notice.

In the middle of 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, our well-known client in the food production industry came to us seeking help finding reliable talent fast. The surge of new online orders, combined with the low amounts of staff they had onboard, was a recipe for disaster. Our partnership helped our client fill their significant hiring gaps and get them back on track to fulfill customer orders. To read more on how we helped this food production client and how we could do it again if necessary, click here.

As a hiring manager, it’s up to you to either become proactive by choosing to partner with us or stay reactive to the problems that may arise, potentially causing more issues down the line.

Connect with a Spectra360 hiring expert to learn more about how to be proactive about your hiring strategy. To get started, schedule your free consultation today! Visit www.spectra360.com/schedule.

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