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The Struggle to Hire and the Solution

August 17, 2021


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Has it been a struggle to hire and fill your staffing gaps? The answer is simple to many staffing experts. According to Business Insider, experts recommend raising wages, saying it could provide a more permanent solution to the labor shortage. 

In fact, Marc Wulfraat, the president of logistics consulting firm MWPVL stated, “It’s going to be a shock to companies that are paying low wages — they’re going to be the ones that are hit the worst because all that low-wage labor is going to find a home elsewhere — where there’s more money to be made.” Would you consider your wages fair, low, or high?

Spectra360’s 2021 Salary Guide

As a recruiting firm specifically staffing the logistics industry, we have seen some of the highest-paying wages than ever before. This is why we produced our 2021 Salary Guide for the warehouse, transportation, and light industrial sectors, to give hiring managers and decision-makers an opportunity to see where they stack up amongst their competitors. To download the Salary Guide, click here.

End the Struggle to Hire

Now more than ever, hiring managers within the warehouse, transportation, and light industrial sectors should be reevaluating their hiring practices. It’s time to start being creative and really putting yourself in job seekers’ shoes. It is as if job seekers are no longer desperate to find a job and are being more cautious about where they decide to spend their time. 

It is up to an employer to create that urge to apply for their open positions. Whether it be with incentives, such as; bonuses, giveaways, and additional employee benefits, or some type of referral program, all of these things could be the deciding factor on whether or not you are able to fill your hiring gaps. 

We created the Spectra360 Salary Guide to help employers like yourself navigate the current job market with fact-based knowledge. Now you can see whether or not you’re offering a competitive salary from a job seeker’s point of view. Ultimately, this guide can help you improve your hiring strategy’s return on investment by getting more people to apply for your jobs with an attractive offer from the start.

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