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Is Your Applicant Telling the Truth?

January 13, 2021


Honesty is the best policy. How can you be sure that an applicant is telling the truth in a job interview?

Managers and HR professionals have a challenging role to play during the hiring process. As you meet job seekers, you need to determine from very brief interviews which will be the best fit for your business. Everyone’s trying to put their best foot forward in these interviews, so it can often be hard to get an accurate picture of if a candidate will be a good employee once hired.

There are several factors to look at when choosing a candidate who will be a positive addition to your staff, but one of the most essential traits is honesty. 

The Importance of Telling the Truth

Honesty is a key trait in any great employee. This is something you should start to look for in the first interview. After all, if they aren’t honest about their abilities in the interview, chances are they won’t be when they are full employees. 

You need honest employees. You want to have trust that the worker will always do the right thing when performing work for your organization. One of the best ways to screen employees for honesty is to ask interview questions that help you assess if you’re hiring someone who can be trusted in your workplace … or not.

Ask the Right Behavioral Questions

Ask the candidate to tell you about a time when they did the right thing and lost out because of it. Alternatively, ask if they have ever challenged the status quo to do something they thought was right. You can also ask hypothetical behavioral questions like, “What would you do if you saw a co-worker breaking the rules or doing something wrong?”

Incorporate Integrity Questions Late in the Interview Process

So, what’s the best time to ask these questions?

Posing these questions at the beginning of the interview isn’t the best strategy. The interviewee might be nervous and guarded about their answers. As the interview continues, you want to build rapport with the candidates. You want to do this so they will be more likely to let their guard down and answer questions honestly.

Listen Carefully to Answers and Respond with Empathy

We’ve all rehearsed answers in front of the mirror to likely interview questions. Early on in the process, many of the answers you hear from candidates may be rehearsed. 

That’s why it’s so important to ask follow-up questions where you expand on the scenarios you’ve raised. Once you’ve heard their initial answer, respond to them with empathy. When you make the job seeker feel you’re on the same page, expand on the points you’ve raised. Successfully doing so may lead them to let their guard down. This may provide a bit more insight into whether they’re being honest or not.

These are just a few ways you can increase the odds you will always hire honest staff members. When you work with Spectra360, however, you can trust that we’ve already vetted every candidate! It’s our job to help you find employees with integrity and a strong work ethic. 
To find out more about how our services can help you hire honest help who will be an asset to your business, you can contact us here. Let’s get you set up with the right candidates who can help you grow your business!

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