It feels like everywhere we go, we see ‘Now Hiring’ and ‘Help Wanted’ signs. If you are struggling to find reliable talent, know that you’re not alone. In NFIB’s Small Business Economic Trends survey, employers representing eleven industries were asked about labor shortages and their impact on their businesses. The results showed that eight of the eleven sectors experienced labor shortages. Amongst the hardest-hit was transportation and manufacturing. 

In May 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there are about 3.5 million fewer people in the workforce relative to February 2020 (pre-pandemic). Our team at Spectra360 has been working hard during this unprecedented time to help our clients find the reliable talent they need to manage their increasing customer demand. Keep on reading to learn more about the resources we’re offering to combat the labor shortage.

Labor Shortage Tricks:

Free Consultations with Spectra360 Hiring Experts

When you schedule your free consultation with Spectra360, you will instantly recognize the sense of pride and care our hiring experts feel about connecting you and your business with reliable talent. At Spectra360, we understand that hiring a recruiting company is an investment. That is why we like to set up no-cost consultations to ask and answer all the questions before working together.

We have had many consultations with potential clients who say that they are having trouble finding talent to fill their production, manufacturing, and transportation needs. During that initial meeting, we gauge their priorities and create customized plans to help them with their staffing gaps.

Access to Resource Library

Whether you’re a client of Spectra360 or not, anyone can access our resource library! Our library includes helpful blogs, industry news, guides, downloads, case studies, and even COVID-19 resources. To see all the valuable resources for yourself, click here!

Upload Your Job Vacancy for Free

We designed a job board for hiring managers to post their job vacancies for FREE! Our database is filled with talent that is ready and able to work. With that being said, we also have tens of thousands of candidates subscribed to our mailing list that can see your new vacancy when posted. Click here to try it out!

Through these trying times, our team continues to remain steadfast in providing quality service to our clients. In a recent case study, we uncovered how we helped one of our well-known clients in the food production industry find the truck drivers for their transportation needs amidst the pandemic. With our help, they could keep up with the increase in customer demand with drivers that went the extra mile. To read about their story, click here

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