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Here Is Your Perfect Job Search Schedule

July 16, 2020


A job search is not something you do every day, so when you have to find a new job, it can be intimidating. From updating your resume to sifting through job postings, and then (hopefully!) going on interviews, there are a lot of pieces in this challenging puzzle.

So, where do you start your search? How do you manage your job search so that it’s the most productive it can be? Luckily, we have some best practices to help you through the steps. Added bonus: you won’t go crazy while doing it!

Resume Time

Most employers expect you to have a resume that shows your experience, education, and relevant skills. If you have only ever completed job applications, then you’ll need to organize your experience, references, and education into a Word document (you can usually use the local library’s computers if you don’t have MS Word) to make your application process smoother.

Put the experience in reverse order – from your most recent job to last – and then add education and qualifications, before listing three professional references.

Start Your Job Search

Once you have the first draft of your resume, it’s time to start your job search. You will want to be organized with a pad of paper to make a note of jobs that interest you, job titles, points of contact, and other relevant points. At this point, you are in collection mode – finding as many opportunities that interest you and fit with your skillset and experience.

If you find jobs on job boards, it might seem easier to post your resume directly to that site, but it’s actually more effective to apply direct on the employer’s website. That will allow you to customize your resume and also it will help your resume to come in just a little faster to the hiring manager.

A lot of companies use recruiters like us to help find the right candidate. What’s so great about applying for a job through a recruiter is that they act as your advocate. They want you to get the job, so they will coach you and tweak your resume to help. They’ll also do all of the reference checking and teach you all about the company you might work for… without judgment! And, if that wasn’t enough, they will keep your resume on file to help in case that job isn’t a good fit.

Do Your Research

Now that you have a list of jobs that interest you, it’s time to do your research. Learn as much as you can about your target companies, including culture. Also, study the job duties and work environments. When you apply and secure an interview, you’ll be able to demonstrate you have a good understanding of both the company and the job.

Customize Your Resume

With your research complete, it’s time to focus your efforts on the opportunities that are the best fit. You will need to customize your resume for each job to which you are applying. It may seem like an unnecessary step but aligning your resume to the specific job requirements will set you apart from other candidates.

Ready To Apply

Now that you have all the pieces, it’s time to apply to your target jobs. Make sure you follow all the steps outlined in the application processes and have a unique cover letter written for each position. Be sure to check your spelling, and all the details before you submit your application.

Follow Up On Your Submission

Don’t assume that you will hear back on every application. Create a list of jobs you’ve applied to, the dates submitted, the times you follow up, and the results or next steps. A good rule of thumb is to proactively follow up if you haven’t heard anything in one week from the time of your submission.

Stay Positive

Most likely, you will go through these steps more than once in your job search, so stay positive! While you are no doubt anxious to land your next job, it can take time to find the right fit – the time and effort are worth it.

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