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How To Tell Your Employee Is Ready for a Promotion

February 20, 2019


Whether or not it’s officially part of your job description, part of your role as a manager is grooming the next generation for leadership. Knowing when to promote can be tricky, though. If you wait too long, you risk losing good workers who are ready to move up. But if you promote too quickly, your employee may become overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities, and that’s not helpful for either one of you.

A surefire way to know one of your workers is ready for promotion is when he or she asks for one. High-performing employees who have mapped out their own careers often know when they feel prepared to take on new challenges. If one of your workers approaches you with a proposal for a new role in the company, this is a key sign they’re ready, especially if they come with a list of ways their skills can help improve things in the workplace.

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Not every employee is going to approach you to ask for a promotion, but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready. Someone who puts the company first.

Here are six characteristics to look for in your staff when deciding who to promote:

Someone who puts the company first.

If you’ve got an employee who makes decisions based on the goals and mission of the company, you know they’ve got the firm’s best interest in mind. That’s the kind of person you want to help make their way up the corporate ladder.

Someone who offers solutions to problems.

Every workplace has issues, but it’s not often you come across a worker who wants to help solve them. Look for workers whose contributions outweigh their complaints, and who are able to find ways to resolve conflicts.

Someone who knows how to network.

If you’ve got an employee who is taking the time to get to know people in the organization and what they do, there’s probably a reason. That’s likely someone who wants to learn how things work and how their role fits into the big picture. It’s also someone who wants to be noticed. So, take notice. If this candidate has other admirable characteristics as well, that networking can really help your company if they are in the right role.

Someone who’s already doing part of the job.

If you have someone who’s already helping perform tasks “on the side,” it might be time to offer a promotion. It’s more common these days for a person to take on duties outside his or her general job description before actually getting a promotion. They’re showing they are capable, and that they want the extra responsibility.

Someone who is consistently meeting goals and making an impact on the business.

If you’re lucky enough to have a high-achieving employee, take the time to learn that person’s long-term goals. Someone who is easily meeting and even exceeding goals on a regular basis is someone worth promoting.

Once you’ve promoted one of your employees, that may leave you with room to hire more talent. At Spectra360, we can help you find employees who will fit your culture and integrate into your team quickly. Click here to find out more about our services.

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