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May 12, 2021


1st interview after getting laid off

After being laid off, you’re probably eager to find a job … and worried about the first interview you will need to go on in order to get hired.  One big concern: How you’ll answer questions at your interview that reference the reasons why you left your previous position and that address what you have been doing since you became unemployed.

You know you will be asked at least one or two questions that force you to address the layoff, so consider these tips for coming up with smart answers that will convince the hiring manager that your past layoff doesn’t mean you won’t be a great asset to their organization.

Explain why you were laid off

The hiring manager is going to want to know if there is a reason you were laid off so they can make sure it wasn’t for underperforming or other on-the-job problems.  You should have an answer ready. Try addressing the outside factors to show you weren’t the reason for the layoff. For example, if your department was reorganized, you can simply explain that your position was eliminated due to the change. Whatever you do, it is important not to be negative or badmouth the company that let you go.

Explain why you’ve been out of work for a while

If you have been out of work for a while, the hiring manager will want to know why. You don’t want to show that you are overly stressed about a prolonged period of unemployment. Instead, say something simple about how you’ve been on some interviews but just haven’t found the perfect fit. To convince the hiring manager not to delay too long and to plant a seed in their mind that you’re in demand, you want to be upbeat about your prospects. Don’t act worried about being out of work in order to show that interest in you as a candidate has picked up lately and you don’t expect to be looking for work for much longer.

Explain what you have been doing since you were laid off

Hiring managers may be concerned that your skills have deteriorated if you have been out of work for a long time. You want to show you have done something productive during your time off, like volunteering or attending a class, to prove you’ve kept your mind sharp.

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