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How To Make A Connection With Your Recruiter

February 8, 2022


Recruiting is a people-driven industry. Everything that happens in the recruiting process is intended to make somebody happy.

  • A job seeker is happy once they are placed in a new job.
  • An employer is happy to have a new employee on the team.
  • The recruiter is happy when they make the perfect match between job seeker and employer.

With that in mind, you would think that working with a recruiter would be simple, right? It should be! The key is to find the right recruiter and make a strong connection with that person. Here’s how you do that:

Get all your hiring documents together in one place.

To make a good impression on your recruiter, make their life easy! If you have everything the recruiter will need to place you in a good job, you’re more likely to get that placement quickly.

They will need to see a resume, your references, and any licenses you have that are relevant. Also, be ready for follow-up interviews by having your schedule with you at all times.

Never overpromise!

If you cannot take a night shift, be upfront. Or, if the commute is unmanageable, tell your recruiter. If you say something like, “I’d love to say yes, but I don’t think I could manage that, and I’d hate to let you down,” your recruiter will appreciate your honesty.

Recruiters want you to stay in a job for as long as necessary, so it’s better to take the job that you can manage. This is also the best way to set yourself up for the right job.

Keep In Touch

Even after you’ve been placed in a job, keep in touch with your recruiter! Our recruiters follow up with our onsite teammates regularly and also check in with their onsite bosses. This way, we can help our teammates do their best work and earn promotions whenever possible.

Refer Your Friends

Our recruiters work with hundreds of people and see thousands of resumes each month. But referrals are the best! They come from someone we trust, they are flattering (we love that you love your recruiter!), and they save us time! What could be better?

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