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How To Get What You Want From Your Recruiter

April 22, 2022


Working with a recruiter is the fastest way to get a job, as we uncovered in this blog: The Fastest Way to Get the Job You Want. Once you have been contacted by a recruiter though, how can you be sure you will get the help you want? 

Have a Plan

It’s good to know what job you want, but sometimes reality means that we need to take a job to get more experience or even pay the bills. This may not be the job we want, but it is the job we need. 

When you are applying for jobs, always keep the job you want in mind. Today, you might need to take a job as a warehouse worker, but if you do well, you could be moved to a manager and perhaps get training for a higher position within a year or two. Know the goal for today, for the next six months, and the next year or two at least. 

Communicate Your Plan With Your Recruiter

Tell your recruiter all about your goals. Tell them about your immediate needs too. Once you have established what you are qualified for, perhaps you could talk to the recruiter about the type of company you’d like to work for. If you are working for a company that’s only in need of temporary help, you will want to stay in close contact with the recruiter so they can help you line up your next job. 

The best recruiters are busy! So, if your recruiter doesn’t seem to pay much attention at first, keep in touch with them. It’s much easier for recruiters if you can provide them with updated information, including your resume, once it’s updated with your new skills and qualifications. 

Your recruiter can be your partner if you stay in touch and do well at your job. 

Assess the Company You’re Working For

Once you start your new job, note whether people are promoted. If they are, that’s a great sign! Ask the manager why they were promoted and find out how long it took. That way, you know what gets rewarded and can start to work towards your goal. 

Keep Track of Your Performance

Now that you know what type of work is rewarded, keep track of your own performance. Sometimes, it can go unnoticed by a manager, but if you decide to ask for a promotion, you’ll have a record of your good behavior. 

Ask For Feedback Every Now And Then

If you don’t feel comfortable asking your manager for feedback on your performance, ask your recruiter. They can reach out to the manager and ask whether you are doing a good job. Even if a promotion doesn’t come up at this company, your Spectra360 recruiter will be able to help you find the next step in your career. 

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