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How to Avoid Employee Turnover

June 16, 2021


Avoid Employee Turnover

When an employee resigns, it can be costly and adversely affect a business. In this blog, we describe different approaches to avoid employee turnover once and for all!


Lack of communication from senior leadership can cause a team to feel out of the loop and left confused. It is crucial to have a communication process within an organization to set realistic expectations of when to expect answers to their questions and concerns. Knowing whom to go to about matters will promote transparency and trust amongst each team member.

Reward Employees for their Accomplishments

One of the most common ways to recognize an employee is through a raise or bonus. Yet, a reward does not always have to be monetary. We suggest being mindful of the recipient receiving the award and asking yourself, what would be meaningful to them? For example, a bouquet of their favorite flowers or a gift basket filled with all their favorite snacks!

On top of offering a physical reward, we would recommend recognizing an employee’s accomplishment with a team announcement of some sort, usually done via email. It could be a huge confidence booster to the recipient, all while motivating other members of your team.

Make Work Fun

A common misconception of making work fun is that it has to be work-related! That doesn’t have to be the case; for example, at Spectra360, we started a virtual bingo club that allows us to wind down with our fellow team members and share some laughs. Besides bingo, we plan quarterly events for all our team members using event hosts such as Pop Events! Creating a fun work environment helps advocate a culture that your employees will look forward to returning to day in and day out.

When you are hiring employees, the last thing you want to think about is them deciding to resign. That is why it is essential to take a proactive approach to make your team feel heard and important. Protect productivity, profitability, and company morale by incorporating one or more of the tips suggested in this blog to help combat employee turnover. Something as simple as a recognition email could boost an employee’s self-esteem within a company! To book a free consultation with a Spectra360 hiring expert, click here!

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