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How Temps Save You Money

June 7, 2023


How Temps Save You Money

It’s summer already! Every year, summer sneaks up on us even though we’ve spent the last five months complaining about the cold! 

There’s so much to love about summer: the pool, the beach, the sun, the kids playing outdoors, but then there’s business. Summer is the perfect time for every business to reassess. In the supply chain world, summer is historically a very busy time of year, and we all hope this year is no different. 

2023 has not been a great year for many businesses as interest rates are high, layoffs are high, and employees are burnt out. So, what can you do to increase productivity, keep costs low, and still grow your business? Temporary employment!

How Temps are the Answer to Tough Times

Temps are the best! Here are some of the benefits of hiring temps in the workplace: 

  • Boost Morale

Hiring full-time employees during tough times can sometimes be a point of concern for your team. The current team may worry that a new employee could be replacing them. But temps do not convey this concern. Having a new person on the team can boost morale and give your team a kick into gear.

  • Reduce Overtime and Relieve Burnout

Speaking of kicking into gear, when you have an employee willing to work overtime, it can be a sign of loyalty and commitment to the company. But, if you need to utilize this person to the point of burnout, you risk losing an extremely valuable team member. Hiring a temp to relieve that burden, save you those pesky overtime costs, and reduce your turnover. 

  • Increase Capacity 

This seems obvious – hiring more people will of course increase capacity. But when you hire temps, you are not burdened financially as you are with full-time employees. You can increase capacity without committing to one person long-term. As the back-to-school rush at summer’s end comes along, you can manage your company workload without being too concerned about making it through the future months. 

  • Offset Other Costs

Hiring temporary employees to stock your warehouse is one thing. A temp that can clean up your office, improve or even automate processes, and bring your paperwork up to date is an entirely different situation. At Spectra360, we have helped many of our light industrial clients hire the office staff they need that will make running the business easier and more efficient. This is a cost savings you’ll be able to recognize for years to come. 

Temp employees are ideal for improving morale, increasing productivity, and maintaining lower costs. Reach out to our recruiting team for help hiring a temp employee. There’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION or COST to interview the people we recruit for you. 

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