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Do I Need A Cover Letter?

April 11, 2022


If you’re looking for a job, you know how time-consuming it is, and writing a cover letter for each employee seems like a lot of extra work. So, do you need a cover letter?

Depends on the job you want and how you apply.

How Can I Avoid Having To Write A Cover Letter?

Apply online through a recruiting service, like Spectra360! When you apply with Spectra360, you need a resume (you can get an easy-to-use template here: RESUME TEMPLATE that has your contact info and your job history. Nothing more!

When you find a job that is a good fit for you on our website, you simply upload your resume as part of your application.

Instead of making you write a cover letter, we call the applicants that would be a good fit and chat with them on the phone. This is so much better than a cover letter for us and for you! We want to get to know you; your skills, your history, and your needs. We can help find the best job for you, and we keep in touch so that we can help with onboarding at that job, and even help you find your next job when the time comes.

What If I Want To Add A Cover Letter?

While it’s not necessary at Spectra360, you can absolutely add a cover letter, or add a purpose statement to the top of your resume.

A purpose statement helps the person reading the resume to understand what your goal is, and why you think you would be a good addition to any team. It’s one or two sentences only and doesn’t need to be adjusted to fit every job.

When Is It Necessary To Have A Cover Letter?

There are certain jobs that may require a cover letter. If your job requires creativity, like any marketing position, then a cover letter will act as a writing sample. If your job will require emailing on someone’s behalf, such as an executive assistant, then a cover letter will help show your professionalism.

Executive positions often require cover letters, depending on how you apply for the job.

Luckily, even these positions are advertised in a way that removes the need for a cover letter. For example, an email takes the place of a cover letter as you email the person advertising the job.

Want to Know How To Write A Cover Letter?

If you are interested in what should go into a cover letter, please vote for this topic below. We will email you once the topic is published.

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