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Where’s the Best Place to Advertise for Truck Drivers? 

October 13, 2021


If you’re struggling to find reliable truck drivers, you’re not alone! The United States is going through a significant labor shortage, and the trucking industry is taking heavy blows. According to CBS news, there’s a current shortage of 80,000 truck drivers and this number is projected to double by the year 2030.1 To stay ahead of the curve, you can build a talent pipeline that can ensure a steady stream of qualified applicants for your business by advertising your truck driver openings efficiently.

Understanding Your Target Audience

The first step to reaching the sort of truck drivers you would like to hire is to put out the right advertisements. This is done correctly by understanding your target audience. Truck drivers occupy a large demography, representing a diverse group of individuals occupying different niches, genders, age groups, lifestyles, and preferences.

For example, over 80 percent of truck drivers are male, and the age of the average professional trucker is about 47 years. The most popular ethnicity amongst truck drivers is white, and about 4 percent identify with the LGBTQIA+ community.2 Some truckers prefer longer routes, which potentially can come with higher pay. Others may prefer shorter hauls, which will allow them to stay within proximity to their home. Truckers may prefer being paid by the mile, by the hour, or by load.

Taking all these factors into account while also considering your company’s needs should determine the messaging and tone of the ads, as well as the communication channels used to publish them.

Building a Great Employer Reputation

To attract and, of course, retain top trucking talent, you need to position your company as a reputable brand that’s worth working with. You can do this in the following ways:

1. Use Well-Maintained Vehicles

This is the most important step in attracting and retaining top talent for your trucking needs. Truck drivers are unlikely to continue to work for you if their working conditions are unsafe. Optimizing your vehicles so that they are as fast, safe, and comfortable as possible is one surefire way to reduce your worker turnover and keep your truckers happy. Plus, investing in a quality vehicle reduces the cost that would accompany having to frequently repair a worn-down vehicle that keeps breaking down.

2. Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Even during a labor shortage, one certain way to attract good truck drivers is to offer competitive salaries and benefits. The highest-paying trucking jobs most likely will offer greater job satisfaction to truck drivers; thus, you are likely to find the top talent you need for your trucking needs. Your full benefits package should include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and opportunities for further career growth, as truckers are more likely to prioritize these sorts of offerings.

3. Improve Your Recruitment Process

It might seem counterproductive, but making your screening process more precise using strict requirements will help your organization seem more professional and respectable. As a bonus, truck drivers who don’t quite fit your preferred criteria are immediately filtered out, and you’re left to hire from the cream of the crop!

However, this doesn’t mean you should make your screening process cumbersome. Many truckers are constantly on the go, so the simpler and easier it is to apply to your organization, the better your chances of hiring a good trucker are.

4. Create an Online Presence

The world has gone digital in all the ways that matter, so establishing a strong online presence should be a no-brainer for your organization. Building a strong online presence that showcases your brand values won’t just cement your company as an authority in its field, which will attract expert truck drivers, but will also attract your ideal clients as well.

5. Build a Strong Network

It’s completely possible to build a reputable employer brand all by yourself, but it can be difficult. Liaising with other solid businesses within your field and in related fields lends your organization some more credibility. Collaborating with other businesses gives you greater reach with both clientele and truckers and allows you to provide more comprehensive services as well. You can achieve this by leveraging social media, organizing or attending industry events, and joining trucking associations, among other things.

The Best Way to Find Truck Drivers

Here are three key advertising channels you can explore to find truck drivers for your company:

1.The Traditional Route

Traditional advertising channels, such as newspaper ads, television advertisements, and radio ads, are not as obsolete as they seem. For example, outdoor advertisements, which include billboards and signposts, might be the best places to advertise for a truck driver. Considering that truckers spend a lot of time on the road and are constantly exposed to outdoor advertisements, this might be the best way to find truck drivers.

Also, certain portions of the truck driver demography, such as older drivers, may be easier to reach via newspaper ads since they might still heavily consume print media. Other truckers may rely on the radio for entertainment and information, so a radio advertisement would be a good place to publish a truck driver ad.

2. Social Media

There’s no doubt about it: the power of social media is real. Seeing as nearly everybody has access to the internet, advertising to truck drivers has never been easier. A survey by Glassdoor found that 79 percent of job seekers use social media when conducting their job search.³ During the lockdown, truck drivers took to social media to share their daily experiences, and a new wave of trucking influencers was born.

To reach more active job seekers, try posting your open jobs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. Recently, we have started weekly virtual job fairs for logistics job seekers. We’re able to reach thousands of people every day, which speeds up our hiring process. Schedule a free consultation with a Spectra360 hiring expert to learn how we can help you do the same!

3. Job Boards

CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster are just a few job boards that job seekers often check. Chances are you’re already posting your vacancies on a job board. But if you want to attract qualified talent, review your job postings by looking at them from a potential candidate’s point of view: Are your job descriptions clear? Are you offering employee benefits? What about incentives?

Putting yourself in potential candidates’ shoes can help you answer why you do not see success. You can also include driver type, routes, and salary information in your job descriptions to get more qualified applicants.

At Spectra360, we have a free job board open to clients and the public to post their logistics job openings. To list your job vacancy, click here.


The trucking industry is facing a major driver shortage, and it can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to find the right talent for your open positions. At Spectra360, we understand the struggle. Sourcing top-notch employees for transportation, warehouse, and light industrial companies to ease the burden of driver recruitment is our specialty. This includes advertising your job vacancies!

Our team of experienced recruiters boasts a proven track record in placing qualified truck drivers with companies where they’re most needed. When you partner with us, you can be confident that we’re providing you with reliable candidates who match your company culture. Feel free to contact us today by filling out a short request form to start a conversation about how we can help you find the perfect fit.


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