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What to Expect for PNW Trucking in 2023

January 3, 2023


What to Expect for PNW Trucking in 2023 (3)

2023 is looking like a good year for trucking in the PNW. The region is getting the recognition it deserves, and investments are starting to hit. At GoDrivers360, we anticipate hiring within the trucking industry to increase throughout Washington, Oregon, and their surrounding areas.

Here’s why we expect a transportation hiring boost in the Pacific Northwest in 2023: 

Big Demand for PNW Shipping Ports

Although ports in Southern California are among the biggest in the country, many trucking companies are frustrated by port congestion and the high shipping prices out of SoCal. These factors are leading to an increase in companies moving to the PNW. 

In 2021, the Northwest Seaport Alliance, the combined ports of Seattle and Tacoma, were among the country’s top 5 busiest container ports. This number is expected to rise as shipping companies move and COVID restrictions ease. 

Investments to Increase Shipping Capacity in PNW

Industries that have struggled to find ways to ship out of the country are looking to invest in the PNW for their future. 

The soy industry in the midwest is one example. AG Processing, a Nebraska-based cooperative that owns ten soybean processing facilities, plans to expand the export capacity of Port of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington. The project is expected to finish as soon as 2025 and includes additional storage capacity, more ship loaders, and expanded rail access. 

For the trucking industry, this investment is just one example of the expansion of PNW ports that will increase demand for transportation into and out of the PNW. 

A Move Towards Green Energy

In 2022, the Department of Energy announced an $8 billion investment in its “Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs” project. The investment aims to lighten the climate impact of hard-to-decarbonize sectors such as supply chain, airlines, and steel and fertilizer manufacturing. In the PNW, the states of Washington and Oregon submitted a bid to get a piece of this investment. While the details have remained under wraps, it’s a good indication that the region is undergoing a clean energy shift in the shipping industry. This shift could lead to more trucking-specific legislation like we’ve seen in California over the last year. 

At Spectra360, we work as the staffing partner for some of the nation’s fastest-growing trucking companies. For our clients, we monitor all hiring trends for each location we serve: PNW, California, Nevada, and Arizona. 

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