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What Does A Dispatcher Do All Day?

April 26, 2022


At Spectra360, we help dispatchers get jobs in many different locations across the US. Being a dispatcher is a hot job because it doesn’t require a college degree, it’s never, ever boring, and it can lead to many other jobs in the future, including management positions. 

Here’s What A Dispatcher Does.

A dispatcher is responsible for tracking packages. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast! 

First, the “package” could be an actual package, or a load for a truck, a truck/ driver, or a service being called upon. 

A dispatcher needs to make sure that a package gets from A to B in the shortest timeframe possible using a radio, phone, and computer.  They are usually responsible for many packages at the same time. It’s a little bit like being an air traffic controller.

From the moment a package becomes the property of your company, you need to know where it is and help the trucker to get it to it’s final destination by tracking traffic and weather, amongst other things, like weighing stations and trucker’s hours. 

What Qualifications Are Needed? 

A dispatcher doesn’t need qualifications as much as they need certain characteristics to be successful. Those characteristics include: 

  • Strong organizational skills. 

You have to be able to keep good records so that anyone can find one package amongst a thousand others, at a moment’s notice.

  • Excellent communication.

You will need to give crystal clear directions and listen well.

  • A calm disposition. 

Things can get hectic for a dispatcher and they are often called upon to monitor emergency situations. Being able to stay calm under pressure is a necessary trait for this job. 

  • The ability to work within a diverse environment. 

Dispatchers work in a call center or an office. The people you work with may be in loading, shipping, trucking, or an office like yours. Being able to fit into any situation is a plus for a dispatcher. 

What Are The Next Steps For A Dispatcher’s Career?

A dispatcher could go on to so many jobs. Being able to show that you have the characteristics that make you good at this job proves that you are able to juggle multiple tasks at once, fit in well with any coworkers, stay calm, and keep excellent records. These skills translate to any job, including a management role in dispatching. 

If you would like to apply to be a dispatcher at any one of Spectra360’s clients, check out our open jobs and upload your resume today: https://jobs.Spectra360.com

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