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How To Choose A Recruiting Firm for Logistics

March 16, 2022


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To ensure timely deliveries, optimized routes, and well-managed inventory, you need skilled logistics workers. But how do you get the right people when you need them? How do you evaluate candidates to know if they will not only be able to do the job but also stick around?

While the manufacturing and logistics sector is experiencing strong growth, competition for skilled workers to fill those roles is fierce. In fact, recruiting for these jobs is harder than it’s been in nine years.¹ This is where a specialized logistics recruiting firm comes in.

Partnering with the right firm can streamline your hiring process, connect you with qualified candidates, and, ultimately, fuel your business growth. However, with many recruitment agencies trying to catch your attention, selecting the most suitable partner requires careful consideration.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Recruiting Firm for Your Logistics Business

Here are nine things to keep in mind when looking for the right staffing partner:

1. Reputation and Track Record

A strong reputation is a great sign when choosing a recruiting agency. Look for firms that can share the types of companies and jobs they typically fill. They might not be able to give you a specific client list, but they should be happy to showcase their success stories and achievements.

2. Industry Expertise and Specialization

Every industry, like logistics, has unique needs and requires specific skills requirements for its workforce. Logistics companies particularly often need a range of talent to staff their warehouse — from the floor to the corner office. To find the right talent across all levels, partnering with a firm that specializes in logistics is essential for success.

A firm with a proven record of filling diverse roles within logistics understands the specific challenges your company faces. This could be anything from high employee turnover to a shortage of candidates with specialized skills in warehouse management or transportation. With their deep industry knowledge, they can access a wider pool of quality candidates and stay updated on market trends. This allows them to find the perfect match for your organization, saving you time and resources.

3. Flexibility in Meeting Diverse Hiring Needs

Before deciding, be sure to define your hiring needs. There are times when you need to hire a full-time employee, and other times you may want a contractor to fill a quick need during a busy season. Most recruiting services break down into three main categories:

Temporary Staffing:

Ideal for addressing high-demand projects, short-term needs, or covering for absent employees. Temporary employees are on the payroll of the staffing firm but work onsite at your company. You provide daily assignments and coordinate with the agency for HR matters, while the agency manages their performance based on your feedback.

Direct Hire:

Outsource the recruiting process to find a permanent employee for your company. Once hired, the candidate becomes your employee, and the agency’s involvement typically ends. Reputable agencies may offer placement guarantees and follow-up support for successful hires.


This approach involves bringing on a temporary worker with the possibility of converting them to a permanent employee if they prove successful. Discussions with the agency should cover the trial period length and associated fees. Compensation negotiations with the potential permanent employee typically occur during the conversion process.

While temporary staffing, direct hire, and temp-to-perm recruitment are the most common services offered by recruiting firms, Specta360 takes it a step further, specializing in on-site talent management solutions. This approach goes beyond simply finding and placing candidates. It involves a deeper partnership with your company to manage a contingent workforce onsite at your location.

No matter what your hiring needs are, be sure the recruiting agency can be flexible with your requests.

4. Service Offerings and Customization

Recruiting firms offer a variety of services. It’s essential to align these offerings with your specific needs:

  • Full-Cycle Recruitment: Some firms manage the entire hiring process, from job description creation to candidate selection and interview coordination.
  • Retained Search: This service involves a dedicated recruiter who works exclusively with you to find the ideal candidate.
  • Contingent Search: The firm works with multiple clients and is only paid if they successfully place a candidate in your open position.
  • Targeted Sourcing: Focuses on identifying and attracting passive candidates who are not actively searching for jobs.

5. Candidate Screening and Assessment Process

The effectiveness of a recruiting firm’s screening and assessment process directly influences the quality of candidates presented to your organization. Be sure to inquire about their methodologies for evaluating candidates, including competency assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks.

6. Client-Centric Approach

Choose a recruiting firm that prioritizes a client-centric approach and strives to understand your company’s culture, values, and long-term objectives. Pay attention to how promptly they respond to inquiries and how professional their communication is across phone calls, voicemails, and emails. Look for a partner who views the recruitment process as a collaborative effort and is willing to adapt their approach based on your feedback and evolving needs.

At Spectra360, we take customer service very seriously, prioritizing a deep understanding of your company’s unique culture, values, and long-term objectives. This goes beyond simply filling positions. We build a strong partnership with you, ensuring consistent communication and a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as your primary point of contact throughout the entire recruiting process. This ensures consistent communication and a deep understanding of your specific needs.

7. Cost and Value Proposition

While cost is undoubtedly a significant factor in the decision-making process, it’s essential to consider the value proposition offered by the recruiting firm. Evaluate the firm’s fee structure, including any upfront costs, contingency fees (fees based on successful placements), or retained search fees (fixed fees for dedicated searches), and compare them against the anticipated benefits and outcomes.

Look beyond the initial cost and assess the potential return on investment in terms of improved hiring efficiency, reduced time-to-fill, reduced cost-per-hire, and the quality of hires.

8. Geographical Reach and Local Knowledge

Depending on your business’s geographical footprint and talent requirements, consider a recruiting firm’s reach and local knowledge. If you operate in multiple regions or countries, partnering with a firm with a global presence or a network of offices can provide access to a diverse pool of candidates and local market insights.

Conversely, if your hiring needs are focused on a specific location, a firm with deep knowledge of that local talent landscape and labor market dynamics may be a better fit.

9. Long-Term Partnership Potential

Building a successful workforce requires ongoing efforts to find and retain talent. Therefore, consider the potential for a long-term partnership with the recruiting firm. Evaluate their capacity to scale with your evolving needs, provide strategic talent advisory services, and foster a mutually beneficial relationship beyond individual hiring assignments. A partner who invests in understanding your business’s trajectory and growth aspirations can add significant value over time.


We have access to all major job boards, a database of thousands of resumes updated daily, the network you need, and a “Talent Knows Talent” referral program that keeps us at the top of the list for hiring the best-skilled workers in logistics.

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1. “HR Gets Creative to Hire Manufacturing Workers.” SHRM, 1 Nov 2015, www.shrm.org/topics-tools/news/hr-magazine/hr-gets-creative-to-hire-manufacturing-workers.

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