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How to Get More Experience Now That You Have Your CDL

March 11, 2021


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Congratulations on obtaining your CDL! You are in an excellent position for job prospects as industry analysts predict a severe shortage of truck drivers in the coming decade, and thanks to COVID, we are seeing the driver shortage much sooner than expected. So now’s the time to hone your skills and become desired for your experience and track record.

Get A Job Immediately!

Spectra360 is always looking for drivers. We work with some of the nation’s biggest transportation companies, and experience isn’t always necessary. Also, they have more options than a trucking company – after all, what’s better than applying with one company? Applying once and having your resume shared with hundreds of companies! That’s what you get for working with Spectra360.

Obtain A CDL Endorsement

A CDL Endorsement enables you to haul special materials and can lead to better-paying trucking jobs. Common endorsements include tankers, hazardous materials, and combinations. If you have a job already, you can always ask your hiring manager to help you with the additional costs. Yet again, there’s a benefit to working with a recruiter at Spectra360: you can also ask your recruiter if there are any such options. Obviously, the answer will depend on your performance and the current economy, but having two options is certainly better than none!

Skip The Open Road

You don’t have to take an over-the-road job now that you have your CDL. There are many other jobs that require a CDL but are closer to home. Imagine the benefits of having a stable job, experience that is always in high demand, AND being home every night to spend time with your family. At Spectra360, we look out for the best jobs for each truck driver, regardless of experience. If you need help getting your first job, or need a better job, email our recruiters: careers@spectra360drivers.com. Think of them as career coaches, always in your corner.

Spectra360 can help you get the job you want in your desired industry. We specialize in logistics, so we understand the jobs that require a CDL. Contact us today and get on the road to your dream job.

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