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6 Long-Haul Trucks That Will Amaze You!

December 14, 2021


Life on the road is challenging for long-haul truckers. You’re on the road for weeks at a time and during your downtime, it is important for you to have a place to wind down and catch some shuteye.

In the blog, we’re going to reveal 6 custom long-haul trucking cabins that will make you want to get your CDL license ASAP! Life for these truckers isn’t too bad, especially with these tiny homes on wheels.

Photos Source: ARI Legacy Sleepers

When you look back between the driver and passenger seats this is what you see!

This custom sleeper build is inviting and cozy. Perfect for the holiday season.

ARI Legacy Sleepers have been custom designing luxury sleepers since 2001, prior to the tiny home craze.

Yes, that’s right, that is a chandelier in a long-haul truck!

Can you imagine relaxing in those chairs after a long day of driving?!

The LED lighting makes me want to have a party on the road.

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