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July 15, 2020


avoid getting laid off with these tips

Since mid-March, 15% of the US workforce claimed unemployment, and the number is expected to rise. The basic truth is that companies don’t have the finances to afford all employees, leaving many laid off. But, not all. If your company is able to navigate these awkward times, some employees must stay on board to keep the ship going. So, how do you make sure you are one of the lucky few?


Be there

Showing up is the basic premise of work. You don’t show up: You don’t get paid. You would be shocked to know how many people show up for work late, or not at all, even during the times when businesses need reliable employees the most.

Be helpful

You have a job and you probably have a list of duties. Keep track of all the things you are doing to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and then offer to do more. No, it’s not part of your job, but it could be the difference between you having a job, and you being laid off. By being the most helpful person on the team, you are also boosting morale and every company needs a morale booster right now.

Be patient

Nobody knows how COVID-19 will play out. We don’t know how quickly our economy will bounce back. Many employers have laid off staff, but are hoping that stimulus packages will come through that allow them – and oftentimes require them – to rehire their staff. Unfortunately, these packages are not a sure thing and there is no way of knowing who will receive financial aid and when the money will run out.

Be proactive

If you are laid off, don’t sit and wait in the hopes that you’ll be rehired. Write up your resume, reach out to all the contacts you had at your previous job and grab references before you lose touch, and start the job search process. We have a blog post laying out the perfect job search schedule and we’re building a learning lab for people looking for work. of course, we are also hiring! Check out our job page and see if something works for you – maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few that come out of this situation on top!

Be safe

Yes, we are focused on you keeping your job, but none of that matters if you come down with coronavirus or any other illness. Stay active, get some sleep, eat well, and hydrate.

Be a motivator

If you can think of ways that your employer can make money, bring it to the table! Tell them how the plan might work, make sure it will not cost money, and then lay out how you’ll kick off this project. Now is not the time to be hiding in the shadows. Those shadows are getting awfully cold and lonely!

Be stoic

There is a lot on the plate right now. If you’re an essential worker as most of our team are, you might be juggling work and kids at home, family far away, anxiety, and stress. We all have a lot on our plate and it’s not getting easier. Right now, even though your employer understands your struggle, he/she wants to believe that you are continuing to prioritize work. Try to stay focused at work and not bring your outside worries into the conversation. This is not an easy thing to do, but on the bright side, it might help you compartmentalize your anxiety so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Nobody can deny that this is a rocky time to be out of work, but there are things you can do to help stabilize your job. There are also options for new jobs too. If you are laid off, or unhappy in your current job, search our open jobs, and upload your resume to get started on a new career. You can check out the job board here: https://spectra360jobs.com

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