Cyber Monday. Is your logistics business ready for it?

November 11, 2020


Are you ready for CyberMonday? Online Shopping

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. You’ve likely seen multiple stories on the nightly news about boisterous crowds forming in front of stores, eager to make their way inside to grab up the bargains. But this year, things might be a little different.

Due to COVID-19, many people will be discouraged from going shopping en masse on Black Friday. So, what’s the alternative? Wait until Cyber Monday! Many expect this could be a record-breaking year for digital sales, so you need to ensure that your customers and clients will get as smooth a shopping experience as possible. How? With Spectra360 help, of course!

Get A Boost In Your Warehouse!

Spectra360 has a strong pipeline of warehouse employees that have proven themselves to be efficient and reliable. This Cyber Monday, get the extra help you need to fill orders on time and get those packages out to the loading dock faster. 

We have packers, quality assurance staff, forklift drivers, even administrative staff to help you move things along. 

Our staffing services can be used on a temporary basis or a temp-to-hire basis and direct hire options. Many of our current clients are leaning on us for temp-to-hire or direct hire at this point of the year so that they are covered during Cyber Monday AND the holiday season that follows.

Want to know how much that would cost or how quickly we can help? You can get a quote here: or list your open warehouse job here:

Click to learn more about our driver services in our case study

Let Our Drivers Bring You Up To Speed!

Spectra360 has outstanding relationships with CDL drivers across the nation. As a reliable source of jobs through the tough times in recent history, we have built a network of sources to quickly reach reliable drivers. 

We can help your products get to the consumer starting Cyber Monday and throughout the holidays. Nothing will be as important to B2C businesses this year than keeping up with the demand and managing supply chain issues. We can help. 

To get a quote for our one-on-one recruiting services, click this link:

If you have a CDL job, you can list it on our site for free. By doing this, our marketing team will share it online with our network of over 65,000, and our recruiters will start processing the job to find the right fit for you. LIst your job here:

No matter what, Cyber Monday this year is going to be a stressful day. Online shopping has exploded this year for obvious reasons, and it’s just going to get even more hectic on November 30th (and every day leading up to Christmas). Spectra360 can help mitigate this stress by giving you all of the technical and creative support you need to keep your website up and running through it all! Let’s make this Cyber Monday your most successful ever!

Get ahead of Cyber Monday now! For specific information, we are only a phone call away. Click this link to make an appointment at the time that suits you best:

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